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Embracing Dr. King’s Legacy: My Pledge to Justice for ALL

As we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I reflect on his enduring legacy and its influence on my pursuit of justice in my candidacy for judicial office. Dr. King's ...

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Comic book style image of Stephen Brown as a super hero under a blimp that says "Elect Stephen Brown for Judge: A Courtoom for ALL" outside of the Orange County Courthouse.

Justice for ALL Comic Book, Volume 2

In celebration of National Comic Book Day, September 25, 2023, Volume 2 of the Justice for ALL Comic Book has been released. Click here to read Justice for ALL, Volume ...

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Stephen Brown for Circuit Judge

The Judicial Branch: Your Closest Connection to Government

In the heart of our democratic system lies the three branches of government, each with distinct roles and responsibilities. While the legislative and executive branches often capture the spotlight, it’s ...

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Upholding Integrity: The Crucial Role of Avoiding the Appearance of Political Influence in the Judiciary

As we consider the qualities we desire in our judicial system, integrity and impartiality stand at the forefront. A fair and just judiciary is the bedrock of any democratic society, ...

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Campaign Sign

Attorney Stephen Brown Announces Candidacy for Ninth Circuit Judge, Group 43

On June 1, 2023, Attorney Stephen Brown of Orlando announced that he is running for Circuit Judge in the Ninth Circuit, Group 43 in the upcoming 2024 election. After years ...

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